T0  Vegetable Delight
Fresh garden vegetable with chef's special sauce
T1  Hibachi Chicken
Chicken breast prepared with lemon and sesame seed
T2  Hibachi Steak
Fresh New York strip with chef's special sauce
T3  Hibachi Filet Mignon
A tender filet mignon
T4  Hibachi Shrimp
Sauteed in lemon
T5  Hibachi Scallops
Sauteed lemon
T6  Hibachi Salmon
Fresh salmon lemon


T7  Tokyo Choice
Hibachi steak and chicken
T8  Tokyo Delight
Hibachi chicken and shrimp
T9  Tokyo Happiness
Hibachi steak and scallops
T10  Splash Melon
Hibachi steak and shrimp
T11  Tokyo Fantasy
Hibachi filet mignon and chicken
T12  Tokyo Ocean
Hibachi shrimp and Scallops
T13  Land and Sea
Hibachi filet mignon and scallops
T14  Land and Bay
Hibachi filet mignon and shrimp
T15  Tokyo Special
Hibachi filet mignon and lobster
T16  Seafood Combination
Hibachi lobster, shrimp and scallops
T17  Tokyo Dinner
Hibachi lobster, filet mignon and scallops

Children's Menu

T18  Chicken
T19  Steak
T20  Shrimp
T21  Filet Mignon
T22  Salmon